Hi there, I'm Jonatan and I love Service Design!

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About me

In my career, I have always been an active team player in everything I do. Whether I was a young pastry chef finding my passions or as a service design student, I do my work with eagerness and curiosity.


I have a passion for learning and doing my very best. In a way, I am a perfectionist, but I also care about my surroundings and my team.


I take pride in the work I do, and I also believe that working hard means working together and having fun along the way.

My work

Through education to practicality

On my bachelor degree studies I have gathered knowledge on how service design works in physical and non-pysical services. Through my studies I have been part of different service design projects, focusing on different areas:


  • Service design process and design thinking

  • Research, ideation and innovation

  • Prototyping, design and empathy



I have used different research methods in all of the projects I've been part of. Usually preparing a brief, you get a pretty general idea of the main problems, the purpose, and the objectives of the project. Creating a greater understanding of the issues and opportunities is the goal, and good research throughout the project is essential.

The most used method for me is observation, both with and without the users. There is something special about stepping in the users shoes and better understand their experience.



Ideation is one of my favorite parts of any project because I can truly shine in my creative bubble, and most of all, I can get to share and learn from my team. I have used MIRO, MURAL, and other digital platforms for group ideation and brainstorming sessions. I have been also facilitating workshops and used different methods such as empathy maps, storyboards and user personas.

One of my first big service design projects was in Maritime Centre Vellamo in Kotka. My team and I planned a museum experience through a digital app between elders and youngsters, who share their museum experience.

Pitching ideas and customer-centric solutions need good communications skills, which I also possess. Visualizing data is my strength and here are a few examples of my created pitches from my school projects for YIT and 9Solutions. 


Other work

In 2020 I started my internship in one of my Schools project called "Education gateway." I worked on the project as one of the service designers and worked together with the project manager Marianne Heikkinen.


I facilitated, planned, and ideated workshops and other meetings. After my internship, I worked on my thesis, which was one of the most significant projects I have ever worked on my own. I researched, analyzed, ideated, and used service design methods.


The experience of working on my own on a more meaningful project was indeed a remarkable stepstone for me, which I will carry throughout the future as a service designer.


My portfolio

What I've done

In my bachelor degree studies, I have been part of many service design projects. Over the years of my studies I have gained experience in user experience, research methodologies, ideation and innovation and much more.


For more information about my work, take a look at my CV below!

What I do

I recently finished my studies and graduated with a bachelor's degree in service design. I am working currently as a Junior Business Designer at Tietoevry


I finished my thesis in November 2021. I was a trainee in a project called "Education Gateway", which focuses on strengthening the attractiveness of Southern Savonia as a region of education.


Later I did my thesis about the project and focused on marketing and communication of education from the perspective of the regions and provinces.

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