Man working on a computer

A glimpse of my story

A passion rooted in creativity and empathy

Throughout my career, I have been part of many projects and assignments as a service designer and a team player.


I believe in working together to create and design excellent working services. I have been in my past a pastry chef in Fazer, but I decided at 22 years of age to change my path to service design. In 2022 I will be graduating with a bachelor's degree in service design.


I have gained experience in many areas, which I have put together below as my "Career design drivers".


Career design drivers


I have always been an artist, and visualization and art are especially part of my passion and my identity. Since I was a child, I used to scribble on the pages of my homework, trying to make sence of things. As a service designer I have always loved visualizing data. It's not just something I am good at, but it's also something I love to do.

Compassion and empathy towards the user

In a way I am a perfectionist that always wants to make sure the user's needs are met. One of my greatest strengths is empathy towards the user and making sure the business goals are met. As a designer I have a great deal of experience in having users participate in the design process, and I think it is an important part of the design work.

Learn and fix along the way

Making mistakes is part of the learning process. The key is to understand your mistakes and learn from them. I allow myself to make mistakes, but most of all I strive to do better until I am happy with what I have done. To truly fail in something, means that you haven't learned from your past mistakes. I also believe in teamwork and so it is important to me to surround myself with people whom I trust and who trust in me and my work.